I've been hearing a lot about people wanting to add a little random to their stories.

I really need to finish a video on that, but until I can get that done, here is a little tutorial on how to do that:

(1) Make two tags. Set one as a normal tag name it `result`, set the other as an action name it `Dice`. (You do this in the tag editor) Set the action formula to `$RAND5 + 1`.

(2) In the scene editor make a choice (leave the scene link empty so it goes nowhere) and a text block

(3) Give the choice some dramatic action text and then add a tag. The tag should use `result` and "set to the value of" and then choose `action`

(4) In the text block enter the following text `You rolled a {{result}}`

Play that and you should get a different result each time.

Here are a few screenshots: 


cyoa-factory-win32-x64.zip 88 MB
Version 74 Aug 14, 2020
cyoa-factory-linux-armv7l.zip 80 MB
Version 34 Aug 14, 2020
cyoa-factory-linux-arm64.zip 88 MB
Version 34 Aug 14, 2020
cyoa-factory-win32-ia32.zip 85 MB
Version 36 Aug 14, 2020
cyoa-factory-linux-x64.zip 88 MB
Version 37 Aug 14, 2020

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I'm confused as to how to stop the $RAND from rolling on every scene element change. I want the game to pick the RNG value and set it in stone but no matter what I do, it keeps rolling random numbers. Even adding the value of Result to a different tag and then erasing Result won't help. Plus, <+> behaves the exact same way as : with Roll/Result, and <-> just makes it a negative (i. e. if the first Roll is 2 and the next one is 4, Result will first be set to 4 (-4) and not 6 (-6), as addition/subtraction is supposed to work). Why does that happen and how do I fix it?

I think it would be amazing if you could add a way to use conditional tags as "X or Y" instead of just "X and Y", or maybe some kind of an "else" sort of thing, like in the timers. Making an input-based scene is a headache right now.